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Meet the Gustave Brass Band: our fusion of brass, beats, and blindingly white singlets will have you grooving like it's the end of the world.

The band is : 

  • Saxophones : Xavier FESTRE, Laurent SERTEYN, Nicolas CRETU

  • Trombones : Quentin LALLEMAND, Victor BROISSON

  • Trumpets : Martin PICHAULT, Emerick EVERARD

  • Bass guitar : Simon RIDLEY

  • Drums : Antoine LIMPENS

  • Percussions : Pierre MATTELAER

  • Voices : Xavier FESTRE, Pierre MATTELAER


We are thankful to our friends who played in the band at some time or another :

  • Jean-Hugues ADAM

  • Antoine FLIPO

  • Mathieu PICHAULT

  • Quentin ZUNE

  • Kévin IGO

  • Valentin RENARD

  • Arthur CHANTRAIN

  • Lucien MOSTADE


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